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Enrollment and Fees

Required Paperwork

All families enrolled at Bridges to Learning must complete the following forms prior to admission to our Center:

  • Enrollment Agreement
    This form provides basic information regarding your child, such as full name, date of birth, etc. It provides contact information for the child’s parent and/or guardian. The Enrollment Agreement also specifies the days your child will attend the center and the rates that are applicable at the time of enrollment. In addition, the Agreement explains extra charges that may apply dependent on various situations. This Agreement also authorizes others you choose to pick up your child.
  • Authorization of Emergency Medical Care
    This important form provides contact names for emergencies. In addition it also provides names and numbers for medical personnel that you have chosen to care for your child.
  • Permission to Photograph
    We use photos for various reasons in our center. This form authorizes those situations where your child can be photographed as well as where those photographs can be displayed.
  • New Jersey Licensing Requirement Statement
    This statement is provided to all parents that have children attending New Jersey Child Care. A letter stating you have received the notice and read it is included and requires your signature.
  • Universal Health Care Record
    This form must be completed by your child’s doctor. A special appointment is not required for you to have this form completed. You may take it to your doctor at your next scheduled appointment.
  • Immunization Record
    A current copy of your child’s immunization record is required.
  • Expulsion Agreement
    This form states our policy regarding expulsion and requires your signature.

Payment Schedule & Tuition

You are advised of your tuition when you enroll at Bridges to Learning. In the event that tuition is raised, you will be provided with the new rate at least one month prior to the effective date of the increase. You may pay tuition weekly or monthly. Weekly tuition is due on the friday for the following week. Monthly tuition is due on the last business day of the month for the following month. A yearly registration / renewal fee will also apply.

A registration fee is required to enroll in Bridges to Learning. This is a non refundable fee.

A security fee of two weeks tuition is required upon enrolling at Bridges to Learning. We require a two week written notice should you decide to terminate our services. When that notice is received your security deposit will be used to cover your last two weeks of attendance. If we do not receive written notice, you will forfeit your security deposit.

Each year all records need to be updated. A yearly renewal fee will apply to complete this update.

We do provide a sibling discount on our tuition fee.

Our center closes at 6:00 P.M. We expect that you will honor this closing time and pick up your child by closing. If you are going to be late due to an emergency, please call. We do not have staff scheduled to work after 6:30 P.M. If you are late and we have received no emergency call you will be charged a late fee. The late pick-up fee is per minute per child, so if you are 15 minutes late and have 2 children, you will be charged the late fee times 2. This fee is due at the end of the week that you were late. For example, if you were late on Wednesday, the fee is due by Friday. If you do not pay the late fee, you will be charged a late payment fee. If this becomes habitual or you do not pay your late pick-up fee, your enrollment may be terminated.

If a check is returned from the bank, you will be charged a return check charge. If we receive more than 2 returned checks, you must pay tuition in cash going forward. Habitual return checks may result in termination of our services.

Tuition may be paid weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Weekly tuition is considered late by close of business on Tuesday. Monthly, tuition is considered late by close of business on the second business day of the month. Bi-monthly payments are considered late by close of business on first business day after the 1st and 15th business days of the month.

Habitual late payments, refusal to pay late fees or return check charges may result in termination of services.

Termination Of Care

Parent Initiated

We recognize that there are times when you no longer will require our services. We require a written two week notice to ensure that your security deposit is applied to your last two week’s of tuition.

School Initiated

Unfortunately there may be times when we need to act on our Expulsion Agreement. Reason for school initiated termination may include: failure to pay tuition in a timely manner, failure to pay late fee charges that have been assessed, habitual late pick-up, child behavior, parent conduct and deportment. If this occurs we will give you two weeks notice to find alternate care. Your security will be applied to these last two weeks of attendance. However, we reserve the right to terminate services immediately in cases of extreme negative behavior by a child or parent. In those cases where immediate expulsion is warranted, your security deposit will not be refunded.