Our Philosophy

A good education will provide the skills and knowledge for children to prepare for the future. A great education will enable a child to realize his or her potential. Because early childhood education is so crucial to the intellectual, physical, and emotional development of a child, it is imperative that we foster the development of the whole child during this time. We believe that a great education promotes intellectual growth, develops problem solving, critical thinking skills, instills a sense of community, and achieves continuity in learning that goes beyond the hours spent in the classroom.

Mission Statement

The mission of Bridges to Learning Child Development Center is to provide superior care and quality education in a loving, caring "family oriented" environment. We provide professional care with a personal touch. Every child under our care is given individualized attention and care to enable them to reach their full potential.

The Project Approach

The project approach affords us a learning experience that encompasses our philosophy of teaching and learning. It will foster intellectual growth and develop problem solving and critical thinking skills through a hands-on approach. It will create a sense of community, as children must work collaboratively and respect each other's ideas and opinions. And, if executed correctly, this approach will afford a continuous learning experience as children take the skills and knowledge learned here and apply them to their next challenge.