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Bridges to Learning is open from 6:30 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

To protect all the children in our center we require that your child be vaccinated before starting the center. But we accept a religious note exempting your child from obtaining the required shots.

We can only dispense medication if you have completed a Medication Request Form. This form is required every time there is a medication requirement. You can not complete a "blanket" Medication Request Form. This applies for prescription and non prescription medication. These forms are for our records, and are not sent home. Your classroom teacher, or yourself can leave the completed form in the office. We need a doctor's note to dispense medicine on an ongoing basis.

If at any time you need to change your attendance status (from full time to part-time or vice versa) you must notify the Director in writing of this change. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to your account.

We do provide a sibling discount on our tuition fee.

  • Enrollment Agreement
    This form provides basic information regarding your child, such as full name, date of birth, etc. It provides contact information for the child’s parent and/or guardian. The Enrollment Agreement also specifies the days your child will attend the center and the rates that are applicable at the time of enrollment. In addition, the Agreement explains extra charges that may apply dependent on various situations. This Agreement also authorizes others you choose to pick up your child.
  • Authorization of Emergency Medical Care
    This important form provides contact names for emergencies. In addition it also provides names and numbers for medical personnel that you have chosen to care for your child.
  • Permission to Photograph
    We use photos for various reasons in our center. This form authorizes those situations where your child can be photographed as well as where those photographs can be displayed.
  • New Jersey Licensing Requirement Statement
    This statement is provided to all parents that have children attending New Jersey Child Care. A letter stating you have received the notice and read it is included and requires your signature.
  • Universal Health Care Record
    This form must be completed by your child’s doctor. A special appointment is not required for you to have this form completed. You may take it to your doctor at your next scheduled appointment.
  • Immunization Record
    A current copy of your child’s immunization record is required.
  • Expulsion Agreement
    This form states our policy regarding expulsion and requires your signature.

We recognize that there are times when you no longer will require our services. We require a written two week notice to ensure that your security deposit is applied to your last two week’s of tuition.

Yes we take State Assistance

Please advise us if your child has any special dietary needs. Also if you have an EpiPen for your child, please provide that to us. If your child has unique needs, such as, can only drink soy milk, we ask that you provide that. We will mark the item with your child’s name, so that it will not be used by others. Also, if there is something specific that you want your child to have on a daily basis, please provide that. If your child has very specific dietary needs or allergies it may be required that you provide food for them on days where there is a conflict.