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General Information

Hours of Operation

Bridges to Learning is open from 6:30 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.


Our center has many innovative features and aspects that make it special and different for you and your child. Our curriculum is designed to meet or exceed the state standards and was developed with both our philosophy statement and project approach to teaching in mind. Key aspects of the curriculum are:

  • Child centered curriculum
  • Developmentally, Age and Individually Appropriate (DAP/IAP) practices
  • Monthly themes that incorporate all content areas (Art, Literacy, Science, Dramatic Play, Movement, Math, etc.)
  • Curriculum is progressive, each year builds on the previous years
  • Hands on experience based learning
  • Weekly lesson plans detailing daily activities will be posted in each classroom

Delayed Opening & Closings


In case of inclement weather, Bridges to Learning may have a delayed opening, early closing or may be closed completely. In addition, our voice mail system will relay information about weather related closings. This website will also provide information on delayed openings and school closings (Updates will appear in red below the navigation bar).


Bridges to Learning will celebrate between 7 - 10 holidays each year. These holidays will be posted at the beginning of each school year and also on our monthly calendar. Re-imbursement of charges is not given for scheduled holidays. You may not change the day you attend the week of a holiday. All families are contracted for specific days, we are sorry but we can't accommodate these types of day changes. Should you have specific questions regarding personal circumstances, please discuss them with us.