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Cello Sanitation Machine We are so excited we just purchased a Cello UV Sanitation Cart. The same technology is used in hospitals and the NYC subway! Sanitizes everything in our building! Put this before the buttons and then link off the full Cello UV Page.

Cello Sanitation Machine

Cello Sanitation

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August is Back to School Month

Going back to school means meeting new kids and seeing old friends. For some children, it is hard adjusting to new people/routines. Here are some tips:

  • Role play different conversation starters: What is your favorite color? What superpower would you like to have? How old are you? What is your favorite game? What is your name?
  • Be positive about potential negative situations. If your child waved at a friend going into class and was ignored, give your child alternate scenarios to transform negative thoughts. “Maybe John didn’t see you.” or “Could Miley be having a bad day and didn’t feel much like talking?”.
  • Involve your child in after-school activities that interest them: soccer, dance, or choir. Joining an activity that interest your child is another great way for kids to meet friendly peers.

Remind your child that it is okay to be nervous about transitions. Point out that many kids feel just like they do. Acknowledge their anxiety as real while offering reassurance and coping strategies. With a little help, getting ready to start a new school year can be a confidence boosting experience for any young child.


Make sure everything brought to school is labeled with your child’s name.

Bridges to Learning is now hiring! Please see our open positions and an application.


  • August 09: Book Lover's Day