Bridges Boy

About Us


Our Center has taken strides to make you feel confident in leaving your child at our center on a daily basis. We have taken numerous steps towards this goal:

  • Parent cameras are located in each classroom, so that you can observe your child during the day.
  • Keyless entry into the building. Each family has their unique ID for access into the building.
  • Detailed evacuation plans and equipment for emergency situations.
  • A Crisis Management Plan.
  • Our outside play area is fenced in and situated away from the road for your child's safety.

Safety & Outdoors


Bridges to Learning has a Safety and Outdoor Policy to ensure that your child is under proper supervision at all times. All employees are introduced to and trained on this policy when they are hired at our center. They are expected to follow all policies, procedures, and rules in this area throughout their employment with our center. To help them do so, it is important that our parents follow a number of guidelines as well.

Please drop your child off in their classroom with a teacher. Do not leave them in the hallway to find their own way or leave them in a room where no teacher is present. When picking up your child, please come into the building. I know it may seem convenient to send an older child into the center while you wait outside, but for your child's safety, an adult must them pick up. Also, if children are on the playground you can not enter and exit the property through the playground gates. All entry and exits must be through the main entrance. Our first priority at Bridges to Learning is to ensure all of our children's safety. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Diapers, Wipes and Changes of Clothing

If your child is still in diapers, you must provide diapers and wipes. In addition, each child should have an appropriate change of clothing, including socks and underwear. Lastly, your child also needs a sheet and blanket for nap time. All items brought to school should be labeled and kept in your child’s cubbie.

Toys from Home

We are not responsible for items such as toys that are brought to school that may be lost or broken. We maintain a “no toys from home policy” and recommend that you not bring things to school that you will be terribly upset if they are lost. Children often share, show, and play with things that they have in their cubbies and throughout the day they may get misplaced. Please choose what you bring in carefully!

Alternate Pick-Up

If you require someone that is not listed in your enrollment agreement, to pick up your child, you must complete and sign an Alternate Pick up Form. If necessary we can fax the form to you. The person picking up your child will need to show us their driver’s license before we will release your child. Your child will not be released to someone if the appropriate paperwork has not been completed.