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Special Needs Children

All About the Journey

All About the Journey provides individualized programs to meet your child’s specific needs. We can help children from birth to age 6 within this center (older at home). Their therapeutic inclusion setting is located in the heart of Bridges to Learning Preschool & Daycare. They utilize the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and work with socialization with peer role models. This space allows us to be flexible and have each child to progress in their own time. Our program permits us to move in and out of the traditional preschool and daycare and we invite peer role models into our space to play as well. We believe strongly in a team approach and that you as parents are a critical member of the team.

Program Opportunities

ABA Room

A separate room where we offer an individualized program designed specifically for your child’s needs. All programs are charted to ascertain growth and success. All children are worked with on a 1:1 ratio. Once your team feels your child is ready we can then join the typical preschool & daycare programs.

Preschool Program

Once the team feels your child is ready for the preschool or daycare programs we will decide together how much time and how we will integrate your child into those programs. We can do this by session, partial, or full day, or days. We want this to be a positive experience for all. If we find that your child needs any additional skill development we would work on it in the appropriate setting. Rest assured your child is still supported with a 1:1 until such time he/she no longer needs us there. That is our ultimate goal!

Social Skills

After the typical school hours, we provide integrated social skill groups to help children learn how to play together appropriately. These are provided within the childcare center and will be offered both indoor and outdoor depending on the weather.

Related Services

Other services such as Speech, OT, PT, etc are offered within the facility based on a child’s individualized program and team decision.

Team Meetings

We meet as a team to discuss your child’s program and progress. This is a critical component to ensure that we are all on the same page and provide the consistency needed for your child’s success.

All About the Journey