Bridges Boy

Parents Area

Coronavirus Updates

March 18, 2020 2:00PM


Dear Parents and Guardians,

First, I must preface this letter with the fact that I am overwhelmed by the kindness shown by so many of you. It is times like this that me remember why I got into this field in the first place. To hopefully make a difference in the lives that we touch here at Bridges. This is a difficult time for everyone and the best way to manage is to help one another and show kindness.

I’m trying to do what is best for our families, our staff and our business. Sometimes, I’m not sure it’s possible for all those goals to be met simultaneously, but I am determined to do all I can. Feedback is always welcome.

Many of you have decided to keep your children home and I absolutely understand that. Some of our staff has also made that decision and we fully support them. Unfortunately, some families don’t have the ability to stay home, and thankfully, we have enough teachers that are coming in that we can handle this. We have spoken to almost everyone their need for daycare going forward during this crisis. As a result, the following plan is being implemented effective, Thursday, March 19th.


This schedule will stay in effect indefinitely. In addition, there are several other guidelines that will also be put into place. Please review these changes listed below.

  • Only 2 classroom will be open
    Infant/Toddler – will house the 5-8 children we expect
    Older Children – will house the 11-13 we expect
  • Classrooms will alternate on a daily basis, so that deep cleaning can be done each day. Infant/Toddlers, will alternate between the Bluebird and Robin rooms. The Older children will alternate between the Bears, PreK3 and PreK4 rooms.
  • We will spend as much time outdoors weather permitting so please bring appropriate outer wear.
  • All children will be greeted at the door, temperatures will be taken and they will be accompanied to a classroom by a teacher, parents will not be permitted in our classrooms
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, do not bring your child in if anyone in your circle is ill.
  • Children will be sent home if they display a temperature of 100
  • No guests will be permitted in the building, that includes, dance teachers, delivery people or any visitors.
  • No one except those listed under family contacts will be able to pick up.

Please refer back to Bulletin No. 1 if you need to review things you can do to protect you and your loved ones.

One last item, and I wish this did not need to be said. I am still looking for other ways to relieve this burden and trust me if I can I will use them. Between rent, payroll, utilities and our other expenses, I need almost $50,000 to run the center on a monthly basis. If people don’t pay tuition, I won’t be able to pay those bills and may be forced to close or perhaps not re-open after we have seen the end of this crisis. I pray on a daily basis, that we can find a way out of this, but only time will tell. All facilities in the area that are remaining open are faced with this uncertainty and it frightens me to think what may become of our daycare system. I am hopeful we find a solution, but my employees get paid on Friday and again on April 5th. They need to be paid, they have bills and responsibilities and if I can’t pay them on the 5th, I may need to close and never re-open.

May God watch over all of you during these awful times. Again, please feel free to call me with whatever questions you may have. My cell number is 973-668-8195, the best number to reach me on.