Infants - Exploring Me

Our program for children under eighteen months is centered on the theme of Exploring Me. During this time from 6 weeks to 18 months, the children need constant care and attention from those around them. Our teachers spend much of their time attending to the children's needs on a daily basis. However, their experiences at this early age are important to their later development as well. Therefore, each class will have a number of activities in cross-content areas that they will engage in each week. These content areas are:

    Physical/Motor Development
    Language Development
    Social Development
    Special Art Activities

Your child's classroom teacher will help your child develop in these essential areas that coincide with their developmental abilities. They will develop many different skills while receiving the highest quality of care we can offer.

Children under 18 months will be assigned a primary caregiver who will take on the responsibility of caring for them. This promotes trust and continuity in their schedule. Your child will be changed every two hours, unless otherwise needed. They will also sleep and eat according to the schedule that you provide. We want you to feel confident and comfortable that you are a part of your child's education! Every day you will receive a report of your child's eating, sleeping and bathroom experiences, as well as the activities that they participated in and any important milestones that they reached!

Our infant program is superior in many areas, including care, attention, child/staff ratio, staff experience and training and many other areas. Please feel free to approach us with any other questions you may have.

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