Before & After School Care

Bridges to Learning offers an educational and fun before and after school care program for school aged children. We provide our students with an enriching environment full of fun and educational activities. Our program is designed to provide your child with opportunities to develop and build on the foundations that they are beginning in their elementary classrooms. This program is designed to promote a child's independent thinking and decision making as will as increase their social skills. We help your child reach these goals through developmentally and age appropriate activities that are child centered.

The children will be presented with cross content curriculum choices including computer based education. The children will focus on:

    Discovery (math, manipulative and science)
    Creativity (art and dramatic expression)
    Literacy (computer, listening, library and literacy)
    Other small focus areas
    A quite spot for them to relax with an activity of their choice.

All children enrolled in this program will be provided a snack.

Our Curriculum

    Three Year Olds
    Four Year Olds
    All Programs

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