Our Programs

At Bridges To Learning Child Development Center, we offer the following programs:

     Infants - Exploring Me
Our program for children under eighteen months is centered on the theme of exploring me. During this time from 6 weeks to 18 months, the children need constant care and attention from those around them.

     Toddlers - Welcome Friends
This introductory program is for children 18 months to 3 years of age. This program is an introductory program that encompasses our center goals while focusing on the child's development and play.

     Three Year Olds - Let's Grow Together
This program is designed to allow children to explore the environment and begin to develop the skills that they will use for years to come. The curriculum is a unit based thematic curriculum and is progressive each year.

     Four Year Olds - On the Road To Success
This program continues to build on the previous program. Just as in the "Lets Grow Together" three year old program, the classroom in this program will be set up in centers to allow the children to explore their environment and learn from a variety of perspectives.

Our private kindergarten program provides your child with the foundation that they will build on for the years to come.

     Before & After School Care
Bridges to Learning offers an educational and fun before and after school care program for school aged children. We provide our students with an enriching environment full of fun and educational activities.

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